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Arcane Ugly is a whimdark TTRPG set in place of strange, wild and whimsical magic, curious creatures and fantastic treasures.

Created by Miscast and friends, the game and rules are designed to be fast, easy to learn and hackable.

Arcane Ugly is still work-in-progress, but by popular demand, you can access it early!
This ever-growing rulebook so far contains:

  • Lite Rules that are fun both in person and online
  • Advanced Rules that are taught as you play
  • 92 Treasure Cards with unique artwork
  • 44 Magic Spell Cards & in-world spell creation system
  • 20 Weird and Wild Miscast Tables for when magic goes wrong
  • 18 Creatures to populate your world
  • Lots of weird art from lots of wicked people

More updates around the corner, stay tuned
Purchasing the beta will also give you access to the full release version when it's released.

Wanna make stuff for Arcane Ugly or hack it up and turn it into something else? Download the Arcane Ugly SRD and get creating!

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Buy Now$20.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $20 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Arcane Ugly Beta v1.7 37 MB
Arcane Ugly Beta v1.4 18 MB

Download demo

Arcane Ugly Adventurer Sheet & Backpack Beta v1.1 590 kB
Arcane Ugly System Reference Document Beta v1.4 3 MB
Arcane Ugly Community Assets Beta v1.1 930 kB
Arcane Ugly Art Assets Beta v1.0 29 MB


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Admittedly, I haven't played/dm'ed a game of this yet, but I really love the vibe of it. It all feels very fun and unique, and I've found a lot of inspiration from reading it.

I've only read the SRD, but I hope to buy the proper rulebooks once I'm a bit more liquid lol.

I would like to see what people have made based on this. Does anyone know where I could find some fan-made supplements or expansions? Any help is appreciated.

Great game

I loved the vibe of the game! I had fun reading the SRD. It's really the kind of game that compels the reader to produce content for.

Unfortunately the dollar exchange rate is very high for now, but I hope to be able to buy the full version of Arcane Ugly in the not too distant future.

Congratulations for this great work!

I would like a print copy

This is absolutely beautiful. If I see this in print somewhere close to the PDF price, I'll definitely consider it.

Thank you so much! A print version is the works, I'll send out an update post about it when its avalible for pre-order. Thank you again!

Hi there, just checked out the rules and have a quick question:

Do items (ex: rope) give mechanical benefits to checks? Our just fictional permission to do things. 

I didn't see it the main rrule, apologies if I missed something.

No mechanical benefits! :)


Heya Trent, just wondering what the slot stat means on the creature stat sheets? is that like dnds challenge rating? i might just be dumb but i couldn't find anything about it in the book, Thanks!

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Slots are the amount of things they can hold, they work the same as adventurers :)


Will you ever add community copies for this? Would be great for people who can't afford the game


Bruv it's $20.00 literally anyone who doesn't live in a 3rd world country can afford that lmao


Your comment is inappropriate and ignorant as possible, as evinced by it having nothing but 20 downvotes at the moment.  I can only presume you're so out of touch with reality that I doubt anything anyone could say would make a difference to you.  Buy a clue with all your dosh, bruv.  Duck stew, mate.

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Hi Trent, love your game. Can't afford it right now, but definitely looking at it in the future! You inspired me to make a TTRPG, and I'm halfway through a rule system and such, but I've never made a rulebook before. Would you mind terribly if I paraphrased your "welcome to arcane ugly"chapter to the book and used it in mine? thanks!

Deleted 1 year ago

Thankyou! New update soon, with a masssssive update to spelling and grammar thanks to lots of lovely volunteers on the AU discord!


Love it, can't wait to run a game after the Holidays! 


Good job


Hey, minor issue on p. 51 in the SRD; “The creation of black power is impossible"... I think the intended sentence is black pow[d]er.

I'm a bit skint for buying the full rules but I may try using the SRD as the mechanics behind a random one page dungeon game... If it works out, I may end up buying it with a bit of left over santy money if I have any.


Hey Trent, awesome job! Minor edits on pg. 7: in 1st dice paragraph, “...the number proceeding...” should be “...the number following...” and in d100 paragraph, “a die” rather than “a dice”. 



Absolutely amazing! In your video, you said we should hit you up if we have a good starter campaign idea. How should I/we go about that?


Hey Trent, great job! Quick question: SRD pg. 19, Common Charm Types Table, the value column has AV, but I guess you meant WV. Otherwise, amazing stuff! Looking forward to the printed version!


Thankyou! Fixed for next update! :D