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Monster Generator!

Over 300 monster parts you can combine to make awesome new monsters.

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letter-cardtemplates.pdf 7 kB
a4-cardtemplates.pdf 7 kB
MonsterBashVol2_A4_v05.pdf 57 MB
MonsterBashVol2_Letter_v05.pdf 57 MB
MonsterBashVol3_A4_v03.pdf 57 MB
MonsterBashVol3_Letter_v02.pdf 57 MB
MonsterBashVol4.zip 5 MB


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Where on earth do access the cards? How does this work, PLEASE HELP

There's 4 PDF files available to DL so do I just DL the "Monster BashVol2_A4_v05.pdf" one or do I start with the "letter-cardtemplates.pdf" then DL the other 3 consecutively B4 i'm actually able to start using the monster bash cards to create sculpt with my 10y/o son, all help is appreciated & thanks ahead of time :)

Card Template files are blank cards to make your own designs
Monster Bash Vol2 files are all the cards we've drawn ourselves.
A4 and Letter are the two paper sizes different countries use, it depends on where you're located which one to download. If you're in the USA use Letter.

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... is there somewhere that i can read what all the cards are,  like a description of what the sketch is cause I find some of them hard to understand what I'm looking at lol maybe I'm stun but it's be awesome if i knew what more of them were, more so the ones that aren't as obvious as most of them are, with that being said I'm actually waiting to get the pages printed so that I can give the Monster Mash a try with some Sculpey after i get a rough sketch done up,  thanks for taking the time to read and reply to my inquiries its definitely appreciated 😀 



A lot of the cards are meant to be abstract and not literal. Use your imagination on what they could be, or feel free to take them out and replace them :)

Right on man  thanks!! I can't wait to get started on my own with the others in the comment section that choose 2 join the discord server, its definitely a good way to ask questions, get updates on timelines & post/view pics of any MB progression ppl wish to share with others...

Again thanks 😊



does anyone want to do this with me, we can have our own monster mash


count me in


I would absolutely be down as well lol

looks like braden747 forgot about this

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I suppose so lmao

Which means we are the only ones apt for the task

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So, do you have something along the lines of an instagram or discord?


@braden747 Sounds fun,  i haven't done anything like this before but am interested in giving it a try, is there a discord or something that's not ob FB where we could all communicate during the process and see updates of everyone's progress? JW! Also good idea about the discord btw @MargarineMan 


Thanks! And I just made a Discord, here it is! https://discord.gg/Dmdga5DQ

Invalid Invite, i get too late

Found this from watching Studston Studio, and loved it. currently watching through the rest of the artists videos, and excited to try it myself with a couple of friends haha. Thanks!