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Everytime our book- Plants Nowhere To Be Found was purchased via this bundle we added a new little plant specimen somewhere in the book...and now its even bigger and cooler...and has magic...and books inside of books.


In a small chest, under the floorboards, we found a book. It is covered in strange writing and mushrooms are growing out of its dusty pages.  It holds knowledge of things that you wouldn't believe exist. Photos and illustrations of magical plants, magnificent mushrooms and mysterious hints to a whole other world.   Will you be the next owner of this marvellous tome?


Do you love plants? We love plants, a lot. So we decided to make our own! This book is the product of weeks of crafting, drawing, painting, designing, writing and international calling. A passion project by Trent from Miscast and Tine, who have never been in the same country but spent the past month dreaming up this magical world for you. 

What is it for? Fun! Enjoy the art, use it in your RPG as an in-world book, or add some of your own creations to it, it's up to you. Heck, hide it in some dark hole in your house for someone else to find in a 100 years, that'd be cool.

We're super proud of this book and hope you will enjoy it as well!

What you get:

  • A 70 page pdf filled with all sorts of weird and wonderful plants, art and specimen doused with magic and mystery
  • Everytime our book is purchased via this bundle we add a new little plant specimen somewhere in the book
  • A secret protected link to 
    • 3 Unique fictional fonts that are used in the book that you can use in your projects too!
    • A photoshop template to make your own magical photos just like the ours

A now you also get (thanks to all the support):

  • +40 extra pages of cool art
  • + Dream Magic!
  • + More Magic!
  • + More Plant Entries!
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AuthorsMiscast Terrain, Tine
GenreRole Playing
TagsArt Book, Fantasy, Otome, plants, zine


Buy Now$15.00 USD or more

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Absolutely wonderful... read? No. Perusal? Let's say immersion into the fantastical realm of these never before seen plants. Sometimes whimsical, often eery, occasionally spooky, this look into these special specimens is engrossing, enchanting, and even inspiring. Truly happy I got this

what a beautiful project. In a way it reminds me of Charles Avery's The Islanders, with all the mystery of ancient manuscripts and precision of botanical illustration... Watched your latest videos last evening with my son and today bought this & tracked down Mythologica by Ofrin... Thanks & keep the good stuff coming!

This is really cool! I'd love to buy a print version of it some day.


Trent, I came across your channel a couple of days ago while looking for tips on how to paint Warhammer stuff. I have to say, your work is everything I enjoy most about RPGs and terrain, and you have easily become one of my favorite designers of things.

Just purchased, and scrolling through, I think this is superb. Big Fungi of the Far Realms (which, if you haven't checked out, you should) meets found art vibes. I hope to see this in print soon.